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Construction of agricultural facilities provides for a set of works for the construction of cold and warm buildings for agricultural purposes – including modular structures, which are characterized by a short construction period and require minimal construction and maintenance costs. These are farms, hangars for planting, processing, irrigation and harvesting equipment, warehouses and granaries, elevators, poultry houses, cowsheds and other agricultural structures such as modular and capital.

Due to the fact that during the construction we use only eco materials that meet all sanitary requirements, as well as apply advanced construction technologies, agricultural facilities built by MSBUD are notable for their reasonable price, high quality and ease of use, therewith the construction speed also increases significantly, which is especially important in case of seasonal works.

MSBUD specialists will make all the necessary measurements on the site and in the shortest possible time will build the desired object with the required functionality!

Why we

The MSBUD company offers you services of general designer and general contractor in the design and construction of industry objects. MSBUD is one of the leaders in the construction of industry objects throughout Ukraine.

In Time

Guarantee of timely implementation and commissioning

High Quality Materials

Using certificated materials for construction

Technical Supervision

Checking the quality of construction on each step

Warranty Obligations

We take full responsibility for the quality of work performed

Modern agricultural construction means a great saving of time and an extremely high installation speed, which allows even massive structures to be constructed in the shortest possible time. In many cases, these are buildings using frame construction technology, which has passed the test of time and has proven itself in agriculture.

Agricultural facilities built by MSBUD are equipped with a well-designed communication system that allows you to maintain perfect cleanliness and order, and if necessary, complemented with a modern temperature control system, as well as certified equipment for automating animal feeding.

We are sure that our approach to the agricultural facilities construction can provide business owners with maximum benefits. So, before the construction we carefully analyze the territory and discuss all the peculiarities with the customer, as a result of which we present a construction project that takes into account everything from the location of the light switches to the size of the inlets and gates for animals or the passage of machinery.

All construction materials are thoroughly tested for sanitary requirements; advanced technologies are applied, so our facilities are environmentally friendly.

Constructed objects

Plant for poultry slaughter performs part of the complete closed cycle.

Agricultural Objects
MHP – factory “Legko”

Meat Processing Plant “Legko” is owned by agricultural company “Mironivskyi Hliboproduct”.

Agricultural Objects
MHP Vinnitsa poultry complex

The complex of poultry slaughter – the largest in Europe. Owned by agricultural company “Mironivskyi Hliboproduct”